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  1. Saxion University of Applied Sciences welcomes international students to the Netherlands. Saxion University of Applied Sciences is one of the largest institutions of higher education in the Netherlands, with close to 27,000 students (and still growing!). Saxion University has a rich history - its roots can be traced back to 1875. A merger..
  2. Onderzoek op het gebied van High Tech Systemen & Materialen waaronder nanotechnologie, mechatronica, smart materials en ambient ICT. Daarnaast wordt kennis ontwikkeld op de gebieden design, recycling, moderne media en productietechnieken
  3. De bachelor-opleiding Fashion and Textile Technologies van Saxion leidt je op tot professional in de internationale mode- en textielindustrie
  4. Creative Media and Game Technologies (CMGT) offers you this exact magical combination. As the name indicates, CMGT will teach you everything you want to know about creative media and game technologies. In the first year you can experiment with different roles and choose the one that is best suited for you
  5. At Saxion, students learn how their field of study is influenced by innovations and how they can apply technology to achieve the best results. Our research distinguishes itself by focusing on the interaction between man and technology. Saxion's approach ties in well with the strong growth of the high-tech manufacturing industry, in which the eastern part of the Netherlands is taking a leading.
  6. Show everything. Online event. Campus Café: Talent edition 20 May 2021, 15:00-17:30 Online event. Online event. Doing Business in South Korea 21 May 2021, 09:00-10:30 Online event. Online event. Invent online solutions on May 28 and Create Tomorrow 27 up to and including 28 May 2021 Online event

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Creative Media & Game Technologies wordt door vier hogescholen aangeboden: HKU, Breda University of Applied Science, Hogeschool Rotterdam en Saxion. Elke instelling kent haar eigen studierichtingen. Zo biedt de HKU bijvoorbeeld Game Art en Game Design aan en bij Saxion kun je kiezen voor de richting Kunst en Techniek. Welke studierichting je. Media, Design and Technology. The Department of Media, Design and Technology has a long history of being at the forefront of new developments in the fields of interactive media, film and television production, computer animation, games and computer applications. We have industry-standard production facilities, cutting-edge research and an expert academic team. Film and Media Film and Media. Information and Communication Technology - Software Engineering. Are you keen to design and develop creative applications? Then this program in software engineering is perfect for you! The software engineering program will teach you how to design and develop software, from idea to realization. You'll learn all about subjects such as. Saxion University of Applied Sciences is one of the largest institutions of higher education in the Netherlands, with close to 27,000 students (and still growing!). Saxion University has a rich history - its roots can be traced back to 1875. A merger of two educational institutions, the Hogeschool Enschede and Hogeschool IJselland, paved the.

As the name indicates, the Creative Media and Game Technologies (Short Degree Programme) at Saxion University of Applied Sciences will teach you everything you want to know about creative media and game technologies. In the first year you can experiment with different roles and choose the one that is best suited for you. Depending on your preference you will either move in the direction of. Student, Creative Media and Game Technologies, saxion university of applied sciences Enschede. Enschede, Niederlande. Logg Dich ein, um alle Einträge zu sehen. Suchst Du einen anderen lukas hausmann? Lukas Hausmann. Engineering Assistant. Darmstadt. Lukas Hausmann. Marketing und electronic Business. Steyr. Lukas Hausmann. Geschäftsführer. Wathlingen. Lukas Pfeffer-Hausmann. Business Analyst.

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  1. Teacher for Game Design/Art Saxion University of Applied Sciences/Creative Media and Game Technologies Aug. 2016 -Heute 4 Jahre 6 Monate. Enschede und Umgebung, Niederlande Freelance 3D Artist/Technical Artist Bumblebee. Feb. 2016 -Heute 5.
  2. Een virtual reality-game, een interactieve video en visuele effecten in films hebben meer gemeen dan je misschien denkt. Deze producten zijn allemaal gemaakt door teams die creativiteit, technologie en ervaring combineren. Creative Media and Game Technologies (CMGT) biedt u precies deze magische combinatie. Ben je creatief? Meer technisch? Of allebei
  3. This is exactly how Saxion's Fashion and Textile Technologies (F&TT) Program distinguishes itself from other such Programs. Professionals from the industry with a passion for textile materials will help you get ready to make brave choices for a fair & clean industry. The future of fashion and textiles is materials. Together with our worldwide partners we educate students in Fashion & Textiles.
  4. Find researchers and browse publications, full-texts, contact details and general information related to the Research Centre for Design & Technology at Saxion University of Applied Science

Saxion University of Applied Sciences - Enschede Netherlands, Enschede. Creative Media and Game Technologies (4 years) Breda University of Applied Sciences Netherlands, Breda. Creative Media and Game Technologies (Fast Track, 3 years) Breda University of Applied Sciences Netherlands, Breda. Creative Technology Creative Media and Game Technologies; Communication & Multimedia Design ; Communication; Each bachelor programme focuses on adding meaningful values to daily life by the use of communication, media or information technology. Students are being challenged to develop their competences such as creativity, entrepreneurship and interdisciplinary collaboration. Our education is practice driven and. Pre-departure Video . From Saxion Video-unit on June 3rd, 202 Creative Media & Game Technologies Saxion has 443 members. For CMGT Saxion students, to share knowledge, schedules, find project teammates and exchange tips! Personal profiles only, no page

Media Technology and Design Bachelor's Degree Programme, full-time Know-how for web development, animation, game design, audio/video production etc. Exploiting the unlimited opportunities in the field of digital media requires mastery of creative design, smart contents, and fluency with the latest technology. This unique, full-time degree programme provides you with the technical expertise as. Coordinates Media Design School is a private tertiary institution that provides specialist industry training in 3D animation and visual effects, game art, game programming, graphic and motion design, digital media artificial intelligence, and creative advertising It is currently the most awarded private tertiary provider in New Zealand for digital and creative technology qualifications Complete Introduction to Media Design (MDSN0995). This 30-hour course introduces students to the fundamentals of media design. Introductory concepts will be covered such as basic media design terms, typography, imagery, color theory, design techniques, and internet technologies. The class also introduces students to various career options in. educational media and technology is inestimable in teaching and learning activities and the Federal and State Governments, Non Governmental Organisations and School Administrators should embrace it. Keywords: Media, Multimedia, Service, Teaching and Learning. I. Introduction Educational media and technology can be defined as all means of communication like prints, graphics, animations, audios. Wat doet de TP'er met de specialisatie Gedrag & Technologie voor werk? We zijn op bezoek bij een aantal professionals. Zij vertellen ons over het werk wat zij doen. Omdat de mogelijke beroepsrollen van een TP'er zeer divers zijn, laat deze video zien wat de toekomstig TP'er kan verwachten. Deze professionals geven concrete voorbeelden uit hun dagelijks werk om je een inkijkje te geven in de.

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Media considerations: Aerobic media is typically used in a media fill trial. In this case, standard practice is to use Soybean-Casein Digest Broth (SCDB), also known as Trypticase Soy Broth (TSB). However, anaerobic media might be considered in special circumstances where the media fill needs to be conducted in a closed system under anaerobic conditions. Regardless of the type of media used. Future Fur: A collaboration in fashion, design, and technology. Researchers at the MIT Media Lab have come up with an innovation that will delight the fashion industry and people concerned about animal welfare: 3D-printed fur that feels remarkably like the real thing. Called Cilllia, the fur is made from a biocompatible resin used in dentistry. Media technology is any hardware, software or tool that is used to compose, create, produce, deliver and manage media including audio, video, images, information, interactive media, video games, virtual reality and augmented reality environments. This ranges from low tech tools used to create art to the global media processing and distribution systems of large media organizations Studies op de Saxion Hogeschool. Er zijn samenvattingen beschikbaar voor de volgende opleidingen op Saxion Hogeschool. Academische lerarenopleiding primair onderwijs. Accountancy. Accountancy / Bedrijfseconomie / Fiscaal Recht en Economie. Archeologie. Art and Technology. Bachelor Toegepaste Psychologie. Bedrijfseconomie

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The program offers Master of Science and Ph.D. degrees in Media Arts and Technology. MAT students may focus on an area of emphasis (multimedia engineering, electronic music and sound design, or visual and spatial arts), but all students should strive to transcend traditional disciplinary boundaries and work with other students and faculty in collaborative, multidisciplinary research projects. Food technology: Design recipes and create food products while learning about nutrition. Graphics: Learn how to use 2D and 3D modelling programs to plan and design products. Resistant materials technology: Work with materials like metals, plastic, wood, and use them to make interesting products. Textiles technology: Learn about different fabrics, how they are made, and ways you can use them to. Educational design and management of the professional skills modules in the first year CMGT Head of International Academic Affairs & Lecturer Creative Media and Game Technologies at Saxion University of Applied Sciences Enschede. Tamara Hooijmans. Tamara Hooijmans Student Creative Media & Game Technologies Almelo. Tal Aviv. Saxion University of Applied Sciences is one of the largest institutions of higher education in the Netherlands, with close to 27,000 students (and still growing!). Saxion University has a rich history - its roots can be traced back to the 1875 Design the Media and Technology of the Future Working with established and emergent digital media, you will design rich technology-based, multimedia learning environments, understand and evaluate their use in varied educational settings, and conduct research on how people learn with technology. Our studio-based curriculum is complemented by an excellent internship program with host sites in.

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Design of new learning technologies and media-driven experiences. Development of new models, curriculum, and/or lessons integrating technology. A thesis or case study analysis of a trend in the field of learning technology. Specifics of the integrative project are determined through discussions with the students' advisors. In addition, because experientially-grounded learning is invaluable. Game Design kannst Du an mehreren Standorten in Deutschland studieren. Sowohl Universitäten und Fachhochschulen als auch private Hochschulen haben entsprechende Studiengänge im Programm. Die einzelnen Anbieter bezeichnen den Studiengang teilweise anders und legen auch verschiedene vertiefende Schwerpunkte. Weitere Unterschiede können sich in der Zusammenstellung der Lernmodule und der. Learning, Design, and Technology An International Compendium of Theory, Research, Practice, and Policy. Editors (view affiliations) Michael J Spector; Barbara B Lockee; Marcus D. Childress; Living reference work. 188 Citations; 44k Downloads; Entries Table of contents (130 entries) About About this book; Table of contents . Page 1. Navigate to page number. of 7. Next. Navigate to page number.

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Bij de studie Communication and Multimedia Design (CMD) leer je digitale media te ontwerpen met oog voor de eindgebruiker. Hierdoor kun je producten, diensten en ook hele organisaties verbeteren The UAL Level 3 Extended Diploma in Creative Media Production and Technology has been designed to provide students with the knowledge, skills and understanding necessary to access and progress to degree-level study and employment in the media sector. It provides an opportunity for those who have an interest in media to explore, develop and test. Multimedia design requires both creative and technical skills to integrate two or more types of media. It is probably most prevalent on the Internet, where you might encounter a web page that uses a combination of audio, animation and text. The advertising and marketing industries have jumped on this trend of using multiple forms of media to reach wider audiences. Industries such as video. It's not even a phenomenon. Social media works similarly to how word of mouth worked before the Internet, as I've explained, only now it's amplified and recorded by technology. Kavanagh was right about one thing. Word seems to spread instantly online. The infrastructure of social media is built for millions of immediate minute.

Creative Media and Game Technologies - Saxion

As an arts, media and technology student, you'll invest time in a traditional arts studio, as well as in coursework in graphic design, video production, block coding, digital imaging, gaming and 3D printing. From the fundamentals of creative communication, to color theory, to image output and display, the degree curriculum will give you the expertise and insight you'll need to create. Technology and Media for Learning 12th Edition Sharon E. Smaldino Northern Illinois University Deborah L. Lowther University of Memphis Clif Mims University of Memphis 330 Hudson Street, NY NY 10013 A01_SMAL9624_12_SE_FM.indd 1 11/7/17 8:25 PM. Editorial Director: Kevin Davis Portfolio Manager: Drew Bennett Managing Content Producer: Megan Moffo Senior Content Editor: Max Effenson Chuck. With technology literally reinventing the way we do things (think mobile, 3D printing, social media), now is a great time to turn your interest into a career. Saskatchewan Polytechnic offers a two-year Interactive Design and Technology (IDT) diploma program. The Interactive Design and Technology program is offered full-time at Saskatchewan. Technology is driving the digital revolution while consumers increasingly embrace innovative solutions for their media consumption. Global smartphone ownership crossed the 2 billion mark in 2014. Welcome to School of Art, Design and Media. With Singapore being a cosmopolitan nation with Asian sensibilities, the School of Art, Design and Media (ADM) seeks to play a weighty role in transforming the island state into a global media city. Our inter-disciplinary courses are designed to mould creative individuals into outstanding artists.

Digital media programs develop technical and creative skills while teaching students to utilize elements such as digital audio and video, animation, and web design. A program in digital media. They are mainly based in an office or design studio, and spend long periods working at a desk or computer workstation. Salaries may range from around £15,500 to over £50,000 a year. An interactive media designer should be: interested in the future of interactive media, particularly digital technology This is the second of a two-part article that discusses the history of the field of instructional design and technology in the United States. The first part, which focused on the history of instructional media, appeared in the previous issue of this journal (volume 49, number 1). This part of the article focuses on the history of instructional design IntersectLA's immersive Design, Art, and Technology Academy (also known as DATA) at California State University, Northridge (CSUN) will begin in summer 2020. DATA is intended for high school students going into grades 9 through 12 to learn or enhance skills in areas such as digital art, graphic design, photography, videography, web design, coding, user experience, game design, animation, and.

Information, Digital Media and Technology; Overview. This qualification provides you with the skills and knowledge to be competent in a wide range of general information and communications technology (ICT) technical functions and to achieve a degree of self-sufficiency as an advanced ICT user. Working at this level you will support information technology activities in the workplace across a. Discover Bellarmine's Design, Arts, and Technology program to gain the skills you need to succeed. The DAT program fosters creativity in digital media design and allows students to develop skills in a variety of areas, including Website Development & Design, Film and Video Production, Sound Editing and Audio Production, and more. Take your next step and apply today Welcome to the official website of the 2021 International Conference on Computer Technology and Media Convergence Design (CTMCD 2021).CTMCED 2021 will be held in Sanya, China during April 23-25, 2021.. The aim as well as objective of CTMCD 2021 is to present the latest research and results of scientists related to Computer Technology and Media Convergence Design topics

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The Department of Media Arts,Design, and Technology is collecting application materials for temporary faculty for graphic design teaching opportunities that may be available in the 2021/2022 academic year. If you are interested in being considered for a teaching position during the 2021/2022 academic year, please send an email to twelsh@csuchico.edu before August 15, 2021. The email should. Media Technology and Interaction Design has its roots in computer and behavioral science as well as media technology, and has today faculty that represents e.g. anthropology and psychology, computer science and media technology, interaction design, film- and literature science, sound and music computing, and media and communication science. The division is part of the Department of Human. The Communication, Media, and Learning Technologies Design program prepares students to develop leadership capacities in the fields of information and communication technologies within education and society. Our students play a constructive role in shaping new innovations in education. The coursework is broad, encompassing video, computer-based media, digital and non-digtial game-based.

The developed new architecture, urban design, products, and media solutions with the user or participants in focus address future societal challenges regarding development of sustainable and attractive ways of living. The impact on the physical environment and user interaction will be subjects for investigation, paving the way for new technologies and solutions that take the user experience. Our Technology. TURBOdesign Suite is a turbomachinery design software package for all types of turbomachinery, such as pumps, compressors, fans, turbines and torque converters, and based on a unique 3D Inverse Design approach The Bridging Disciplines Program Certificate in Digital Arts and Media explores the use of computer technology and production techniques to create digital art. Students develop skills in areas such as gaming, animation, computer-generated music and interactive media. LEARN MORE. Center For Integrated Design. The University of Texas at Austin brings Design Thinking into the core of the UT. Print Media Technologies Covid19 und die Auswirkungen auf die Druck- und Medienindustrie . Zwei Semester haben sich neun Studierende des englischsprachigen Bachelorstudiengangs Print Media Technologies der Hochschule der Medien (HdM) mit den weltweiten Auswirkungen von Covid-19 für die Druck- und Medienindustrie befasst. Ihre Ergebnisse haben sie in dem Buch Global Impact of Covid-19. And both are animated by technology that we design, repurpose, and deploy—whether it's contact tracing, facial recognition, or social media. This story was part of our July 2020 issue See the.

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A rational for using instructional design and technology as the label for the field is also presented. Events in the history of instructional media, from the early 1900s to the present day, are described. The birth of school museums, the visual and audiovisual instruction movements, the use of media during World War II, and the interest in instructional television, computers, and the Internet. Patch Media is an innovative online local news and information platform and—as innovative organizations usually do—they chose an innovative technology to run their enterprise: Drupal. The website is designed to meet the information needs of audiences across a diverse array of locations and atmospheres, which meant patch needed a CMS able to handle huge volumes of content and traffic while. SD5906 Globalization in New Media Design and Technology (3 Credits) Production Processes in Multimedia and Entertainment, Innovative Multimedia Project Development, and Successful Project Management provide the practical foundation students will need to complete their final project and maximize their success in the marketplace. The remaining compulsory classes are designed to broaden their. Business Consulting, Technology & Design Studio. LANiMedia is a diversified business and marketing consulting company with a focus on unique strategy branding to propel your business goals forward. A great Marketing Strategy starts with a solid Business Strategy and every website requires a purpose. We can help you understand the many marketing and advertising options available both online and. Design technology. Explore more jobs. Design skills and the ability to visualise new ideas can be useful in many job families such as marketing, sales and advertising, arts crafts and design, broadcast media and performing arts, journalism and publishing, construction, as well as engineering and manufacturing

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Program Overview. The CGGT program was established in 2004. The goal of the program is to expose recent graduates, as well as individuals returning from industry, to state-of-the-art graphics and animation technologies, as well as interactive media design principles, product development methodologies and engineering entrepreneurship CMS.362 Civic Media Collaborative Design Studio CMS.376 History of Media and Technology CMS.610 Media Industries and Systems CMS.613/21W.751 Writing for Social Media CMS.614/21W.791 Network Cultures CMS.619/WGS.111 Gender and Media CMS.621 Fans and Fan Cultures CMS.622 Applying Media Technologies in the Arts & Humanities CMS.631 Data Storytelling Studio 21A.500/STS.075 Technology and Culture. Dún Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design and Technology (Irish: Institiúid Ealaíona, Dearadh agus Teicneolaíochta Dhún Laoghaire), more commonly known as IADT Dún Laoghaire or simply IADT is an institute of technology with a focus on art and design located in Deansgrange near Dún Laoghaire, Ireland.It was established in 1997 and incorporated the former Dún Laoghaire College of Art and. Evolving technology and modern aesthetics shape the way we create and consume, and that means growing opportunity in the job market. If you want to pursue a career that combines your artistic skills with state-of-the-art technology, digital media might be for you. As a digital media expert, you'll need to build a wide array of skills that can help you develop, create, and design our digital. Allied Technologies provides a package to its clients as we are committed to serving clients in every industry. Whether you are a local business, a national business, or an international business, our tailored digital marketing services will deliver incredible solutions. We excel by delivering design, consultations, and developing your business to its maximum potential. Allied Technologies.

Changing the fashion world. Designer, Stella McCartney, is working every day to try and create a more sustainable future. From inspiration to sourcing to production - nature is at the core of everything she does. Combining technology and creativity to create magic. #Audi #FutureIsAnAttitude #DesignShanghai #DesignShanghai2021 #ExperienceDesign. Digital Arts and Media Design approaches design through the lens of the visual arts, as a critical, creative, and experimental studio-based practice. The major prepares students to become leaders in digital media fields where their commanding knowledge of emerging technologies allows them to contribute and innovate in creative media design careers. Students' progress through a series of core.

Within the B.A. in Media and Information you can focus on: Interactive media and games, graphics and animation, human-centered technology, policy, society and research, and video production. Our curriculum dives deep into the innovative sectors that are reshaping 21st Century media—from the internet to mobile communications and social media. The B.A. in Media and Information has three. The Master of Education in Learning Design and Technology online program requires a minimum of 30 units and can be completed in 21 months. The program is designed for working professionals with courses that take place online in the late afternoons, evenings or weekends. You will enroll in two or three courses per term. Online Learning Experience. Classes are conducted live in a real-time. Learning Design, Media, and Emerging Technologies LDT 620 | 6 Credits. Prerequisite: LDT 610.Develop skills in the design, development, and integration of digital media to enhance the learning experience. Investigate how media, emerging and mobile tools, and online applications impact technology-mediated learning environments. Explore media and visual literacy, graphic design for online and. Nanyang Technological University (NTU) has earned itself a reputation as one of the leading science, technology and research universities in the world. The university's main 200-hectare Yunnan Garden campus, situated on the southwestern outskirts of Singapore, houses Singapore's largest on-campus residence infrastructure including 16 halls of residence for undergraduates and a graduate hall.

We strive to deliver an excellent customer experience, using a 5-phase process to produce effective design, marketing, and technology solutions. our culture and values. Engine 39 Blog Get the latest in industry news, trends and thought leadership. go to blog . Agricultural Marketing, News. Start Your Engines! The Gate 39 Media Agency Story Comes Full Circle on the Track and Anthem Ag Enters. With so many possibilities for digital learning, selecting media and technologies for teaching is a complex process with a wide range of factors to consider. Reflecting on the purpose and the learning outcome first is key to identifying and considering technological applications for your flipped class. The SECTIONS model, developed by Tony Bates (2015), provides a framework for determining the. Unit 5 provides an overview of different types of assessment and delves into how technology is changing the field of assessment. Unit 6 is all about design-based research, a methodology for research and design of educational innovations ICT30118 Certificate III in Information, Digital Media and Technology QCE points: 8 Information is current at time of publishing, to confirm the QCE points for your course please speak to your high school guidance counsellor or careers advisor, or visit the Queensland Curriculum & Assessment Authority (QCAA) website Nanyang Technological Universit

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The Bachelor of Design offers students a broad and coherent body of knowledge in the areas of Digital Media Design, Communication Design and Branded Environments. Throughout the course as well as the final year Capstone Project, students have the opportunity to work on industry-relevant problems. The flexibility of the course provides opportunities for double majors, as well as advanced. The lower the frictional resistance of an aircraft in the air, the lower the fuel consumption. Using nature as a role model, the aviation industry has been intensively researching ways to reduce aerodynamic drag for many years. Now Lufthansa Technik and BASF have succeeded in making the breakthrough as part of a joint project Instructional Design and Technology Concentration Courses (27 credits) EDLT 7737 Practicum 6 credits. Twenty-one (21) credits from the following list: EDLT 6621 Issues & Trends in Instructional Technology 3 credits. EDLT 6626 Instructional Technology & Staff Development 3 credits. EDLT 6639 Delivery of Instruction in Electronic Formats 3 credits . EDLT 6655 Fundamentals of Instructional Design. The MEd in Learning, Design, and Technology trains you in the latest technologies and tools to design and implement lessons and training programs. Our goal is to prepare professionals to identify and analyze learning problems, and then create and implement more effective designs for learning to address these needs. In the Instructional Technology concentration, you can earn your Certification.

At the forefront of this human resources revolution are those with an M.S.-Instructional Design & Learning Technology (IDLT) degree. Our transfer-friendly master's in Instructional Design enables students to take a holistic approach to education in a variety of settings. Students learn to analyze learning needs, design appropriate solutions and evaluate the effectiveness of these solutions RMIT boasts brand new animation and games design studios with a state-of-the-art media precinct home to industry-standard technology. Communication Design Studios. Dedicated studio facilities with state-of-the-art design and printing equipment. Access to photography, editing and production suites for cross-discipline projects. Industrial Design Studios. World class industrial design facilities.

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Your Design and Technology MDP is worth 60% of the marks for your H.S.C. and can be begun at the beginning of the H.S.C course. It consists of a practical project as well as a folio documenting the design process undertaken to arrive at your project solution. (Click here for a portfolio guide) The MDP folio and project are marked concurrently by two or more examiners from NESA and given a mark. UGA's distinguished Instructional Design & Development faculty demonstrate the art and science of using emerging technologies and media to develop highly effective instruction for face-to-face and online learning environments. Students learn to use media creation tools and technology to create eLearning modules, video presentations, and more while studying how design approaches such as games. Director, Oldenburg Branch for Hearing, Speech and Audio Technology HSA. Fraunhofer Institute for Digital Media Technology IDMT Marie-Curie-Straße 2 26129 Oldenburg, Germany. Phone +49 441 2172-301. Fax +49 441 2172-45 The Keio University Graduate School of Media Design (KMD) will hold an online information session via YouTube LIVE. The session will focus on the gene... >> Read More. UPCOMING EVENTS. KMD Plenary Meeting 2021 Summer Online Event Updated on 2021.05.19. KMD Plenary Meeting is a bi-annual event that showcases various Real Projects conducted at KMD. These projects are the seeds of innovation for.

OMT16 - Laplace transform 1 | Laplace transformReflecteren kun je leren - SaxionOCE11 - Balanced Scorecard 03 Kritieke PrestatieCarrièreswitch; van een sales functie bij de bank naar HBOOSBRM03 - Uitgebreide uitleg van de KernKwadranten® - Saxion
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