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JRRshop.com is the one stop gear shop by musicians, for musicians. Skip to Store Area: Skip to Main Content; Skip to Right Column Baby Audio All Plugins Bundle. $149.00. MeldaProduction MTurboDelay. $239.00. MeldaProduction MTurboReverb. $349.00. Puremix Inside The Mix - Robert DeLong With Adam Hawkins. $45.00. $25.00 . Puremix F. Reid Shippen Mixing Ingrid Michaelson. $45.00. $25.00. IK. Studio- und Recording-Equipment bei Europas größtem Musikhaus - Schneller Versand, 30 Tage Money-Back und 3 Jahre Thomann Garanti The new Spitfire spring 21' delivery 2 catalog featuring Miles Silvas Pro edition Formula Fours, Formula Four 97DU Classics, Formula Four Conical Full Swirls, and more. Spitfire. Catalogs. Spring 2021; 2020 Delivery 4; Spring 2020; Formula Four; Features. Mason Silva Spitfire Part Miles Silvas Spitfire Part Pedro Delfino Spitfire Part; Gilbert Crockett: Keeping The Fire Burning; Spitfire's. To start your download click on the Install button below the relevant library in the Spitfire Audio app, and you will be prompted to select the location you want to install the library to. Click on the folder icon to browse to your external hard drive's location and select it, then click Install to begin the download process. If you would like an external hard drive to be the default location. Sienna (Volume A) is an Acqua plug-in suite in VST, AU, AAX formats. It represents an ambitious project that took a lot of time in design and development, but that time, which we willingly spent, has repaid us considerably given the incredible results achieved, which will completely change the way people mix on the go

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  1. Spitfire is keeping the underground lit with their famous Formula Four and Classic skateboard wheels, made to go fast and reduce flatspots. Wheels aren't the only things Spitfire has to offer. Shop our large selection of Spitfire T-Shirts, hats, accessories, and more
  2. Shop Now › Menü Über Um die Symphonic Woodwinds Collection zu verwirklichen, nahm Spitfire Audio 16 der weltbesten Streicher in der Lyndhurst Hall in den legendären AIR Studios in London auf und nutzte dabei dasselbe legendäre Aufnahmestudio, das für Blockbuster-Filme wie The Dark Knight, Inception, Dunkirk und hunderte andere verwendet wurde. Weltklasse Instrumente . Die Symphonic.
  3. Shop Now › Menü Über Um die Symphonic Brass Collection einzufangen, nahm Spitfire Audio die weltbesten Blechbläser in der Lyndhurst Hall in den legendären AIR Studios in London auf und nutzte dabei dasselbe legendäre Aufnahmestudio, das für Blockbuster-Filme wie The Dark Knight, Inception, Dunkirk und hunderte andere verwendet wurde. World-Class Brass. Mit acht Solo- und a2.
  4. Spitfire Audio LABS available mac & PC. 4. SampleTank 4 (IK Multimedia) Sampletank 4 is a huge instrument library for free, 50 instruments and over 4 GB big! Got a clean easy to use sound browser and a mixer with 70 effects. It has all kinds of instruments such as warm and wide grand piano's, organs, strings, horns, guitars, sampled drums EDM/hip hop kits and much more. It's definitely a must.

Shop Now › Menü Über nahm Spitfire Audio 16 der weltbesten Streicher in der Lyndhurst Hall in den legendären AIR Studios in London auf und nutzte dabei dasselbe legendäre Aufnahmestudio, das für Blockbuster-Filme wie The Dark Knight, Inception, Dunkirk und hunderte andere verwendet wurde. Intimität und Detailtreue. Die Chamber Strings Collection wurde entwickelt, um Dir einen. Spitfire Audio LLP BML Sable Strings FULL v.1.1 [19 DVD][KONTAKT] After the delights of enormous string libraries, providing broad brush stroke approaches to writing, which have characterised recent film, gaming and TV music to some extent, Spitfire are.. Free 2 Samples Spitfire Audio Coupons - Save Massive EXTRA From Spitfire Audio Sales Or Markdowns This Week For A Limited Time. Get Deal. Sales 69. Deals. Expires 15-5-20. Save 50% 75% Off Save 50% 75% Off. Make Sure To Reduce Your Cost Enjoy Free UK Return. It Is Valid For The Entire Store At Spitfire Audio. Get Deal The LUNA Spitfire Bundle lets you create with world-class, expertly sampled String, Brass, and Woodwind Collections. Save up to 60% storewide in The UAD Half-Yearly Sale! Ends June 30th! Shop Now › Menü Über Händlersuche Downloads Blog. Suche Support Einloggen. Warenkorb 0. Du hast keine Artikel in deinem Warenkorb. Es sind Gutscheine für dich verfügar! Produktsuche Suche. Audio.

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Spitfire Audio seems to only be capable of pure greatness. Call me a fan-boy, but i'm consistently blown away by the quality to cost ratio that Spitfire creates with their Kontakt Libraries. eDNA Earth is a new Kontakt sample library by Spitifre Audio with an innovative twist - its a synthesizer made of orchestras. They went through their vast catalog of world-class orchestral samples and. Full Version. BALKAN ETHNIC ORCHESTRA. A huge collection of Balkan folk sounds including folklore instruments, brass bands, vocal quartets, and solo percussion. $404.00. Full Version. JADE ETHNIC ORCHESTRA. The world's largest collection of Chinese and Mongolian sampled instruments, orchestral sounds, and choirs. $570.00 Powered by Ochre. Registered office: Spectrum House, 32-34 Gordon House Road, London, NW5 1LP. Company Registration Number: 11793693. VAT Number: GB 315 0760 32

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Spitfire Audio Orchestral Grand Piano v2.1 KONTAKT-DECiBEL. CONTEXTUAL HALL PIANO At last, a grand piano that actually sounds like it's in the same room as your orchestra. Recorded in the world famous. Hersteller: Ayon Audio Die Ayon Spitfire verwendet ähnliche Technologien wie aus unserem berühmten ''Crossfire'' Verstärkers. Es zeigt alle bekannten Ayon Magie und Qualitäten. Dieser Verstärker bietet außergewöhnliche tonale Neutralität, hohe Auflösung und punchy-airy Timbre mit großer musikalischer Süße. Ein rascher,farbloser und kraftvoller Bass und eine geräumige 3D-Soundstage. We use cookies on this site. To learn more, please review our Privacy Policy. Accept & Continue Review Policy Review Polic SA Recordings — Sounds & Recordings by Contemporary Composers. Powered by Ochre. Registered office: Spectrum House, 32-34 Gordon House Road, London, NW5 1LP Shop Categories. Home. Home Cinema. Focusing on high quality, great value home theatre products at affordable prices. View Range View Range. By Brand Anthem Arcam Denon Emotiva Epson Grandview JBL JVC Lumene Lyngdorf Marantz Onkyo Optoma Panasonic Pioneer Polk Sennheiser Sony Spitfire Cinema Yamaha. By Type AV Power Amplifiers AV Processors / Pre-Amplifiers AV Receivers / Amplifiers Blu-Ray.

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Software bei Europas größtem Musikhaus - Schneller Versand, 30 Tage Money-Back und 3 Jahre Thomann Garanti Spitfire Audio - LABS (MAC/WIN) VST Supreme. VST Supreme VST Supreme VST Supreme Audio and Effects PlugIns; Virtual Instruments and Samplers; Sound Libraries + Sampling CD's; DJ Software; Notation Software; Educational Software; Misc. Music Software ; Updates and Upgrades; Video and Graphics Software; Operating Systems and Utilities; DOWNLOAD DEALS. Up to 80% off on selected downloads. Show all deals. Top Brands. All brands. Your Contacts . Studio/Synth/Software . studio.

Spitfire Audio Labs - Collection of 18 Libraries (KONTAKT) 0.00 ฿. An infinite series of free software instruments, made by musicians and sampling experts in London, for anyone, anywhere. Presented in our own plug-in, they are easy to use, and compatible with any DAW. And in case you missed it — they're all free Spitfire Studio Woodwinds is the third and final release of Spitfire Audio's incredible Studio Orchestral range of Kontakt libraries. As you might imagine by the name, this time around they're providing woodwind instruments sampled in a studio environment. I've reviewed both the Spitfire Studio Brass library and the Spitfire Studio Strings library on this blog as well, and I had incredibly. Spitfire Audio Spitfire Solo Strings Kontakt. Sometimes you need the intimacy and detail of a single voice to rise above the force of an orchestra. Reach for Spitfire Solo Strings - the all-new accompaniment to your Symphonic and Chamber arsenal, featuring exceptional first-call London virtuosos. Solo Strings is designed to stand out, but. For many years now Spitfire Audio has been recording orchestras of all sizes, but a theme that has run throughout our last decade is how to unearth and discover more naked and honest performance styles. We also understand that where sampling is concerned it's the quietest of levels where the real magic happens. By taking this into account, by studying the most popular recordings of Arvo Pärt.

Shop Now › Menu About Find a Spitfire Audio recorded 16 of the world's top string players at London's iconic AIR Studios' Lyndhurst Hall, harnessing the same legendary recording studio used for blockbuster movies like The Dark Knight, Inception, Dunkirk and hundreds more. Intimacy and Detail. The Chamber Strings Collection is designed to give you a widescreen, blockbuster sound, but. وی اس تی تحت کانتکت Mural Symphonic Strings Ensembles از شرکت معتبر Spitfire Audio یکی از بزرگ ترین و بهترین بانک صداهای ساز های استرینگ می باشد . این محصول نسخه قدیمی و کامل Symphonic Strings از همین شرکت است و دارای سمپل های بیشتری از نسخه دیگر خود. Review: M-Audio Hammer 88 Pro. Review: Spitfire Audio Firewood Piano. Hardware Synths. Behringer hits breakthrough with its Yamaha CS-80 analogue synth clone. Modal Electronics updates Cobalt8 virtual analogue synths with six FM and AM algorithms. Review: Modal SKULPTsynth SE. Review: Moog Sound Studio: Subharmonicon & DFAM . The best synths to buy in 2021: 16 best polysynths. Soft.

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با دانلود وی اس تی پیانو کم حجم هانس زیمر Spitfire Audio Hans Zimmer Piano TC Alt Room KONTAKT با لینک مستقیم از کمپانی Spitfire در خدمت شما آهنگسازان عزیز هستیم. نیاز به کانتکت 6.1.1 به بالا دارد. از زمان انتشار HZP، این کتابخانه از کاربران و داوران. Spitfire Audio has announced the next title in their incredible Albion series of sample libraries. I'm incredibly excited, and I actually got to play with the library a bit at NAMM 2020. I definitely agree with their description of the library, it feels pretty modern and intimate and reminds me of their LCO library. I'll have more information when I get to spend more time with it, but here's. Spitfire Audio's recipe for Albion III was simple: use only first-call London orchestral session musicians performing on the rarest, best-sounding instruments on the planet. Record the samples in a world-class studio: Air Studios' Lyndhurst Hall. Use only the finest vintage, tube, and ribbon mics through a custom Neve board to 2 tape (making this the only tape-based orchestral library we know.

Spitfire Audio is currently taking preorders for ALBION NEO, which will be available as of January 23 at an attractively-discounted promo price of £299.00 GBP (inc. VAT)/$349.00 USD/€349.00 EUR (inc. VAT) until February 6 — rising thereafter to an MSRP (Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price) of £399.00 GBP (inc. VAT)/$449.00 USD/€449. Using an old hard drive to store samples [Solved] GabrielB. June 2 edited June 4 in Tech Talk. Probably a bit of a newbie question here but I don't really want to make any mistakes with this. A couple of years ago I replaced the HDD in my laptop with an SSD. I've now recently upgraded to BBCSO Professional, and the 600-odd GBs take up quite a lot of space. If I were to transfer them over to my. This project was started by Christian Hensen of Spitfire Audio (who we already mentioned), and has a lot of free pianos and other instruments sampled by a growing community. The only downside? There's no universal format. For many you'll need a full version of NI Kontakt, for others you'll need Logic's EXS24 sampler (which you can convert to Ableton, if you're a Live user). Check. وی اس تی فضاساز سینمایی Spitfire Audio Contemporary Drama Toolkit KONTAKT . Contemporary Drama Toolkit KONTAKT عنوان بانک جدید وی اس تی تحت کانتکت فضاساز و سینمایی از کمپانی ارکسترال سینمایی Spitfire Audio است که 7196 سمپل را با حجم 28 گیگابایت به روش ncw فشرده سازی و. With the introduction of LUNA Recording System, Universal Audio is proud to partner with Spitfire Audio, a worldwide leader in high-quality instrument sounds, sampled instruments, and scoring tools.Since 2007, Spitfire has teamed up with top composers, producers, engineers, and studios to create the world's most detailed and realistic recordings of instruments — from strings, brass, and.

Welcome to my Classic Motor Spares eBay Shop! We specialize in classic car parts for classic British cars and refurbish many classic lamps that are becoming harder and harder to come by. This includes, Lucas, Miller, Lumax, Wipac, and many more. They are refurbished to a good working standard and always ready to fit! Be sure to check the shop regularly or subscribe to our weekly newsletter as. Shop Now › Menu About Find a Spitfire Audio recorded the world's top brass players at London's iconic AIR Studios' Lyndhurst Hall, harnessing the same legendary recording studio used for blockbuster movies like The Dark Knight, Inception, Dunkirk and hundreds more. World-Class Brass. Featuring eight solo and a2 instruments (two players in unison), including French horns, trumpets, tenor.

Triumph Spitfire MK2 GT6 V8 3,5l Chassis für Kit Car Inserat online seit 29.05.2021, 11:31. 3.999 € Finanzierung berechnen. Ohne Bewertung. EZ 07/1965, 123.456 km, 147 kW (200 PS) Cabrio / Roadster, Beschädigt, Benzin, Schaltgetriebe, 2/3 Türen London Contemporary Orchestra Strings از شرکت Spitfire Audio یک بانک صدای ساز های استرینگ براساس تکنیک های نوآورانه و عملکرد سبک های مختلف می باشد. نوع : کتابخانه کانتکت دسته :String حجم : 26.9 گیگابایت بلافاصله پس از پرداخت لینک دانلود نمایش داده می.

This is an old but classic all in one library from Spitfire Audio, originally released in 2008. It has since been re-released with new samples and features in 2018 and is definitely a staple when it comes to orchestral sample libraries. This library not only features ensemble patches with the 3 sections of the orchestra on various articulations, but also has various drums and percussion. The LUNA Spitfire Bundle lets you create with world-class, expertly sampled String, Brass, and Woodwind Collections. Save up to 60% storewide in The UAD Half-Yearly Sale! Ends June 30th! Shop Now › Menu About Find a Dealer Downloads Blog. Search Support Log In. Cart 0. You have no items in your shopping cart. You have coupons available! Product Search Search. Audio Interfaces. Apollo Solo.

Graupner: Graupner Balsa Leisten 3x3mm/ 661.3X3 - Graupner Stahl Draht 7,0x1000mm / 519.7,0 - GRAUPNER SENDERANTENNE HOTT 2,4GHZ MX-12/MX-16 / 33800 - Grau Read Sweetwater customer reviews for Spitfire Audio Albion One Reviews. Rated 5.0 / 5 by 4 customers! (800) 222-4700 Talk to an expert ! Contact Us We're here to help. Contact Us Need Help? Contact your Sales Engineer. What is a Sales Engineer? Call Text Email Support Toll-free: (800) 222-4700 Español: (800) 222-4701 Local: (260) 432-8176 Fax: (260) 432-1758 View our hours Music Store Account. Spitfire Audio has announced that the Aperture Orchestra Kontakt Player powered instrument library will be available for free with any order of 349 USD/EUR or £299 GBP or more during the upcoming Black Weekend. From an intimate string quartet to a rapturous symphony orchestra — in an instant! Introducing an inspiring, world-class creative tool and a true innovation in sampling — available. That's why Spitfire Audio chose this stately Victorian residence (with its unique acoustics) as the setting for The Grange. This sample library packs your arsenal with a veritable history of rock drums in a single plug-in. Virtuoso drummers Chad Smith, Roger Taylor, and Andy Gangadeen were invited to participate in the project, which was recorded by Nick Taylor through Neve and API preamps to. وی اس تی گرند پیانو Spitfire Audio Orchestral Grand Piano v2.1 KONTAKT از شرکت بزرگ Spitfire Audio ، با وی اس تی لایبرری تحت کانتکت Spitfire Audio Orchestral Grand Piano v2.1 KONTAKT پیانوی ارکسترال با کیفیت بسیار بالا ، همراه فروشگاه الو وی اس تی باشید CONTEXTUAL HALL PIANO At last, [

وی اس تی سینماتیک Spitfire Audio Albion III Iceni REDUX v2.1. بانک جدید ارکسترال سینماتیک یعنی وی اس تی سینماتیک Spitfire Audio Albion III Iceni REDUX v2.1 یکی از برترین وی اس تی های سینماتیک جدید و به روز شده در دنیا محسوب میشود حجم معادل 31 گیگابایت در حین. จำนวน Spitfire Audio - Spitfire Symphonic Strings ชิ้น . หยิบใส่ตะกร้า. คำอธิบาย; บทวิจารณ์ (0) วิธีสั่งซื้อ & ดาวน์โหลด; คำอธิบาย. DEFINITIVE STRING SAMPLING. Symphonic Strings has been created with 60 of the world's finest strings players — 16 1st. Created in collaboration with Spitfire Audio. USD 49. New in Live 11. Play. Sounds String Quartet by Spitfire Audio. From delicate pizzicato droplets to full, vibrant layers, get the authentic timbres and textures of a string quartet made up of two violins, viola and cello. Created in collaboration with Spitfire Audio. USD 49. New in Live 11. Play. Sounds Brass Quartet by Spitfire Audio. Spitfire Audio - Soft Piano. Spitfire Audio are a London-based company with a eclectic, funky range of keys, strings and other sound libraries. Some of their products are extremely high end and therefore very expensive. One example is their work with BBC Symphony Orchestra, which we had a chance to try out, and it was an utter privilege. In 2018 they released the simple, innovative plugin. Get it online and in your record store. Get the album! NOW AVAILABLE Prime Mix, Prime Compressor, Prime Curve . Collaborating with one of the audio industry's leading audio plug-in developers, Acustica Audio, Prime Studio® now offers special plug-in versions based on highly sought after analog vintage audio devices having already shaped the sound of countless international hit recordings.

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Created in collaboration with Spitfire Audio. Excluded: Excluded: Included: Play. Drone Lab New in Live 11 Weave complex, evolving threads through your productions with tonal and textural samples, generative noise, multisampled instruments, plus devices and Effect Racks designed for experimentation. Excluded. Save Big on New Gear at Amazon! Free 2-Day Shipping w/Amazon Prime Spitfire Audio Albion IV - Uist. $89.95. Part IV of the widescreen range of composer's tools that give you everything you need to make modern film music out of one box. Albion IV presents large ensembles playing over 800 unique and extraordinary atonal, aleatoric and progressive articulations. Presented alongside an epic collection of nearly. Gullfoss, enabled by new patent-pending equalizer technology, processes audio with unrivaled sound quality. The equalizer is capable of changing its frequency response more than 300 times per second and without introducing audible artifacts or degrading signal quality. Together with the highly advanced computational auditory perception model that has been developed by Soundtheory, Gullfoss is.

Audio Imperia is a boutique sample library developer, crafting virtual instruments that are designed to instantly inspire. Continuously renewing its creativity and inventiveness, the Audio Imperia team has years of experience in the world of cinematic music and understands how to breathe life into the heart of a sampl User-created modules can be sold in the Cherry Audio Store with purchase of the Voltage Module Designer commercial license! Learn More. DCO-106 Polyphonic Synthesizer. Recreating the sound of a classic synthesizer is no easy task. DCO-106 lovingly recreates the unique sonic footprint of one of the most iconic 80's polysynths in exhaustive detail, while adding modern features for massively.

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Shop. Subscriptions. Subscription Upgrades. Magazine. Article PDF. SynthFest UK. Got a gift code to redeem? Click here to redeem your Gift Code. Readers' Ads. View all ads; Create free ad; Sign Up TO SOS Newsletters. Latest Videos. 50 Years Of Eventide Audio 1 hour 24 min ago. DIY Acoustic Treatment - 15 Minute Challenge! 4 weeks 1 day ago. Don Lewis - Synthesizer Pioneer 1 month 18 hours ago. The Pawn Shop Comp is a FET compressor with a tube preamp that brings punch and grit to your mixes. Intuitive and easy, yet tremendously tweakable. A complete channel strip for great guitars, bass, keyboards, vocals. On channels or across the bus, the AIP is killer. The secret weapon of producers since the 80's, now more versatile and useful. Audio Modeling is a music and audio software company, and a leader in multi-vector expressive digital acoustic instruments. Audio Modeling is an active member of Midi Manufacturers Association (MMA). Payment and methods. PRODUCTS. Solo Brass; Solo Woodwinds; Solo Strings; Camelot Pro; iOS Products; Resources. Updates; Customer Portal; Community ; Resellers; Contacts. via Giovanni da Sovico. The Listening Post Christchurch and Wellington are specialist retailers of component based HiFi and Home Theatre systems. Our clear focus is on good quality, easy-to-use products for sale instore and online. TLPCHC, TLPWLG

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The original low pass when a WW2 aircraft buzzed the camera crew shooting the open of a documentary on the 60th Anniversary of the Spitfire we produced for. skip5 eShop, Klemmprofile in Gummi / PVC, Gummi Klemmprofil Kofferraum PVC, Ferrari 208-308 328 Kofferraum, Toyota Celica 1991 Dichtung Kofferraum, Gummi Klemmprofil Türdichtung , Fiat 1200-1500 SPIDER , Ferrari PF Coupe 1956 - 58, Ferrari Lusso 250 GTL, Gummi Klemmprofil Kofferraum , Gummi Klemmprofil Kofferraum PVC, Gummidichtung Kofferraum mit Abdeckung gegen Kofferraum, Ferrari 575. A good coffee shop is an oasis for the creative mind. It's where you go to get away from the bad habits and distractions of your home office. It's where you go to get your creativity flowing and to get some work done. However, there's a catch to real world chatter: when the human brain perceives a sound it considers to be speech, it will focus on it and turn it into meaningful language. Shop popular firestone-audio-spitfire-dac chosen by Drop communities. Join Drop to discover the latest details on FireS Audio Fubar HD, FX Audio DAC-X6 and.. 1 دیدگاه برای دانلود وی اس تی استرینگ تک‌نوازی Spitfire Audio Solo Strings 1.2 KONTAKT. امتیاز 3 از 5. Parsa Sabet (مالک تایید شده) - ۴ آبان ۱۳۹۹. Salam, bazi az link haye download moshkel daran. Link 3 va 14 baghiaro check nakardm. Lotfan residegi konid. Mamnon. احسان - ۴ آبان ۱۳۹۹. با سلام . هر دو.

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Layers is a free orchestral VST instrument, and an easy way to add orchestral sounds to your compositions and productions. Draw from the finest recordings of strings, woodwinds, and brass. Generate full chords with one-touch simplicity. And seamlessly blend layers of tonal colors and dynamics with your MIDI controller Wir haben Ersatzteile für viele Marken, wobei unser Schwerpunkt Ersatzteile für Mercedes Oldtimer sind. Wir lagern viele Ersatzteile für Mercedes SL R113 Typ Pagode ( 230SL, 250SL und 280SL) aber auch für Mercedes 190SL und die zahlreichen Limousinen vom Ponton bis zur Mercedes S Klasse W108 vor Ort. Zahlreiche Chromteile, Lichter, Leuchten. WW2 Spitfire Aircraft Airspeed Indicator Mk.9G (P) 6A/3146 490 Knots Gauge RAF V. £78.25. £10.43 postage. 11 watching. WW2 Made Supermarine Spitfire Model And Propeller. Superb Display Piece. £68.00. Click & Collect. £10.00 postage

The Daily Hilario: Dunkirk - We Ain't Got No HistoryJosh Thomas - Thousand BelowNEW SAMSUNG GT S3650 CORBY MOBILE PHONE SIM £60 CREDIT | eBay15KG CHROME DUMBBELL SET WEIGHT FITNESS STRENGTH TONING | eBay

دانلود وی اس تی استرینگ Spitfire Audio Olafur Arnalds Chamber Evolutions KONTAKT. اگر به دنبال یک استرینگ فضاساز و سینماتیک میگردید این محصول را از دست ندهید. حجم فایل : 18.6 گیگابایت. سازنده : Spitfire Audio. بلافاصله پس از. NKS: TOP INDUSTRY PARTNERS. Numerous software industry leaders are now actively updating their existing products to be fully NKS-ready. The list is growing constantly as more partners join the KOMPLETE KONTROL system. The future of integration is here! Swing! Swing! More The Best of British TV and Culture. Celebrate your favourite shows: Doctor Who, Top Gear, Sherlock, and many more! Shop bestselling DVDs, Blu-rays and merchandise direct from the BBC Shop KOMPLETE KONTROL brings all KOMPLETE instruments and effects - as well as over 750 other plug-ins from 90 leading creators like Waves, Spitfire Audio, Softube, Arturia, and Output - into one intuitive workflow. All thanks to NI's extended plug-in format, Native Kontrol Standard (NKS). DISCOVER NKS SEE ALL PLUG-IN In Hans Zimmer Piano, Spitfire Audio has put the sonic essence of the legendary composer's trailblazing approach to cinematic scoring on tap for you. HZP was recorded in Mr. Zimmer's preferred London studio (Air Studios Lyndhurst Hall), using over 60 of the finest mics on a world-class concert grand piano, with premium signal chains and top engineers. What's more, the project was overseen in. Shop popular firestone-audio-spitfire-dac-mkii chosen by Drop communities. Join Drop to discover the latest details on FX Audio DAC-X6 MKII Bluetooth DAC/Amp..

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