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Below Deck Eddie Lucas Girlfriend Amy: Still Together

Eddie Lucas' Girlfriend Amy From 'Below Deck' Eddie Lucas is a veteran cast member on the reality show Below Deck and all the girls love him. He's reserved yet fun and he's been taken since he.. While on the show, little was identified about his girlfriend, Amy. According to Bustle, his former girlfriend lived in Baltimore, Maryland, and the 2 loved touring the world collectively. However, now, by the appears to be like of his Instagram web page, it seems that Lucas is single and maybe able to mingle Josh has [thought of baby No. 2], but I'm on the fence still, the Below Deck alum, 34, exclusively told Us Weekly on Wednesday, May 5, while promoting her online superyacht training school, Ocean International Training Academy, which she cofounded with Anastasia Surmava. I think I still have PTSD. I had a really traumatic labor. So, I don't know Viewers have been following his relationship with his long term girlfriend, Amy, for a while now, but this season things seemed to take a turn for the worse for them

  1. Amy Johnson is married! The Below Deck alum and her fiancé, Ellis Lenthall, tied the knot in early October, as both she and brother Kelley Johnson recently confirmed on Instagram. Kelley shared the..
  2. Eddie reflected on his romance with Rocky when the two reunited during Below Deck 's 100th episode celebration on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen on January 6. One caller asked if Eddie.
  3. Amy Johnson Lenthall. TX girl living the good life with my hubs in NC! Below Deck Galley Talk @bravotv

Eddie hooked up with Below Deck costar Rocky Dakota during his first stint on the show, and the dalliance cost him his relationship with his then-girlfriend back home. We worked on it for a while, he told Andy Cohen on a Watch What Happens Live 100th episode celebration for Below Deck. It ended worse than ever Amy left the show after two seasons and according to Kate, she is basically living the dream outside of the world of Below Deck world. Amy got engaged in July, and her brother Kelley has recently announced that she is now married. In true Amy fashion, she casually dropped a picture of her wedding on New Year's Day dubbing 2020 as a year she'll never forget. Yup, we won't either, though probably for different reasons But it wasn't just Eddie and Rocky who 'ruined it', as Malia White and Wes Walton also attempted to keep their romance off screen on a spin-off - leading to producers installing more cameras However, Eddie from Below Deck admitted that he is still together with his long term girlfriend Amy. Eddie Lucas And His Girlfriend Amy Amy is the same girl he dated before he worked on Below Deck. The duo's relationship survived strong waves of long-distance troubles and is still together

Eddie Lucas Left Below Deck For His Girlfriend, Know Who

Below Deck's Amy Plans to Confess Her Feelings to Eddie in Finale Sneak Peek: Watch! This could end very badly. With another season full of cleaning duties and sun behind them, the cast of Bravo. By far the most cringeworthy moment of the Below Deck finale was when Amy Johnson made a very weird move on Eddie Lucas, who has a girlfriend and a very strict policy about never getting..

On Tuesday, February 23, one Below Deck fan shared a screenshot of Eddie and Ashling during a group outing on Reddit. The fan said that they noticed sparks between Eddy and Ash. They wondered if the two are secretly dating since they always sat together on the bus. Some Below Deck fans agree that there is something between them: Agree! All season could tell he liked her, one fan responded. A second user chimed in and wrote: Right. You can't argue with that body. When Eddie returned to the third season of Below Deck as Bosun, he had a girlfriend named Amy back home. But, as time passed in the show, Eddie developed a liking toward the 3rd stewardess, Racquel Rocky Dakota, and hooked up with her for almost the entirety of the season

When Eddie returned to the third season of Below Deck as Bosun, he had a girlfriend named Amy back home. But, as time passed in the show, Eddie developed a liking toward the 3rd stewardess, Racquel Rocky Dakota, and hooked up with her for almost the entirety of the season. Below Deck: What Has Eddie Lucas Been Up To Since Season 8 Eddie Lucas began season one of Below Deck as a deckhand before being promoted to bosun, the position he worked for seasons two and three. During season three, he began a relationship with another crew member, despite having a girlfriend back home, something he admits was wrong and a mistake. His time away from the show gave him a chance to reevaluate his priorities, mature, and focus on a career. He left the world of yachting to pursue a career in tug boats, taking a brief break. Below Deck fans are buzzing over this recent sighting. On Thursday, December 17, Ashling shared a photo of herself with Eddie's arms wrapped around her. She held a champagne flute in her hand. The blonde beauty also wore a tan one-shoulder dress that showed off her curves Eddie Lucas: Below Deck Journey and After. Eddie somehow landed himself in one of the wilder 'Below Deck' hookups despite his rule to never mix work with pleasure. His secret laundry room affair with Raquel Rocky Dakota made him infamous by the end of season 3, immediately after he quit the show. Eddie's casual approach towards his onboard beau confused and hurt her as she had.

Below Deck's Dani Soares recently revealed her daughter's name and is talking life as a new mom! Meet Lily. (Swipe ⬅️ to see her one-week old photo.) ⁠⁠ (Swipe ⬅️ to see her. Eddie Lucas joined the cast of Below Deck season 8 after five years of interval. He will be seen as a bosun in the show along with Francesca Rubi, Rachel Hargrove, and many others. In season 3 of the show, he had a secret laundry room affair with Raquel Rocky Dakota. She was one of the stewardesses alongside Kate Chastain and Amy Johnson in the show. Lucas was in a relationship. As much as Eddie did a fabulous job in the top deck position, fans are still a bit scarred from him cheating on his then-girlfriend with third stew Rocky Dakota back in season three, only to. Tuesday night's episode of Below Deck found Raquel Rocky Dakota on the receiving end of some harsh words from Eddie Lucas and Connie Arias. As the episode aired, Rocky lashed out at Eddie and Connie on Twitter for talking badly about her. While Rocky now doesn't think much of Eddie and Connie, she still misses her friend Leon Walker, who was fired from his chef job in the previous episode. Rocky Dakota recently gushed about how close she's grown to all her castmates since Eros docked.Obviously Below Deck watchers were like, uhhhh something's fishy because everybody HATED.

Did Eddie Break Up With His Girlfriend After 'Below Deck

Below Deck Ohana: Cast. Lee Rosbach — Captain. Kate Chastain — Chief Stewardess. Logan Reese — Deckhand (ep 8-13) Kelley Johnson — Second Engineer. Jennice Ontiveros — Deckhand. Ben Robinson — Chef. Eddie Lucas — Bosun. Kat Held — 2nd Stewardess When you have a crew that looks like this, it's only a matter of time before they start breeding like a bunch of rabbits in heat. Subscribe for More: htt..

10 Gumball Girl. There have been eight seasons of Below Deck, filmed on different superyachts in various parts of the world, but the one thing all the shows have in common is that the crew are the stars. Often, we don't even find out the names of all the guests, as was the case with the anonymous female passenger who made the team jump through hoops when she asked for gumballs. When they. It's no secret that Below Deck is a complicated show to film and what some may call a tight ship. There are crew members — including the ones who aren't even featured on the show — and guests, but the show's production team and camera operators are also on board. Kate has stated via Twitter that it's one of the most difficult shows out there for cast members. Going. The crew continues to get an eyeful... Subscribe for More: http://bravo.ly/Subscribe Visit the Official Site: http://bravo.ly/Official Watch Below Deck.. Below Deck Eddie Lucas; Girlfriend, Age, Height, Net Worth, Facts. Eddie Lucas is known for his appearance on Bravo's reality show Below Deck. He appeared on the first three seasons of the show and returned on its eighth season after five years in 2020. Bio & Family. Name. Eddie Lucas Below Deck alum, Kelley Johnson has revealed why he hasn't returned to the Bravo yachting show. Kelly, who was a deckhand on Season 2, hasn't been back on the yachting franchise since his.

Below Deck Amy Johnson Marries Boyfriend Ellis Lenthall

Despite the recent hardships she's been dealt, Rocky seems to be having the time of her life these days. She's frequently pictured doing yoga around the world, slack-lining through the jungles of Hawaii, and being a massage and energy therapist — cool! We couldn't be happier for her. New episodes of Below Deck air on Mondays at 9 p.m. on Bravo 2 October 2020, 15:34. The Below Deck cast have all moved on from the show. Picture: Instagram. Where are Kat, Ben, Eddie and Kate from Below Deck now? Find out everything about the stars.. BravoTV's own Love Boat is becoming the Flirt Boat this season. Several cast members tell cameras that they want to date but can't because they are in a relationship. Kelley Johnson and Jennice Ontiveros tell news that they are not dating. And Kat Held and Chef Ben Robinson admit that they romanced it up during season one, but won't be.

Below Deck: Amy Johnson (Second Steward) Amy Johnson, 31, a southern belle known for her spirited attitude and enthusiastic personality, grew up in the small town of Wichita Falls, Texas WWHL With Below Deck's Kate Chastain and Amy Johnson. Might as well get another WWHL recap up. Yesterday's WWHL with Shannon and Gretchen from RHOOC was so full of tea it took way longer than an hour to recap. Hopefully this one will be a little easier. The very first thing that Andy asks about is Kelly, Amy's brother whose privates were. Below Deck is an American reality television series which premiered on July 1, 2013, on Bravo. The show chronicles the lives of the crew members who work and reside aboard a superyacht during charter season. It shows the crew as they deal with their personal issues in order to make their professional careers work Kate Chastain, star of Below Deck is making waves as the accomplished and witty chief stewardess on the Bravo hit series. Kate's yachting career has taken her through the Caribbean, Mediterranean, Central America and New England but her favorite experience was a 21 day trip crossing the Atlantic Ocean. In an exclusive interview with AllAboutTheTEA.com, Kate doesn't hold back her feelings [ Below Deck is an American reality television series on Bravo that debuted on July 1, 2013, developed by Mark Cronin, Rebecca Taylor Henning, and Doug Henning. Announced in April 2012, Below Deck chronicles the lives of the crew members who work and reside aboard a superyacht during charter season. It shows the crew as they deal with their personal issues in order to make their professional.

Skimpy: Below Deck's Ashling Lorger flaunted her incredible curves in a skimpy emerald green bikini on Instagram on Tuesday, as she spent time on a beach in Noosa in Queensland. Ashling showed off. The brother of Amy Johnson, who featured on seasons 2 and 3, returned as a bosun on the fourth season of the show, working aboard the stunning yacht Valor. Below Deck was by then a major hit for Bravo, but Johnson didn't stick around, and we haven't heard a huge amount from him since then. The former Marine turned yachtie noticeably struggled. As the latest episode of Below Deck aired on Tuesday night, Raquel Rocky Dakota slammed her former flame Eddie Lucas on Twitter. She posted several tweets that criticized Eddie for leading her on and how he treated her after they had sex, which she revealed to co-star Amy Johnson happened four times on the boat. Rocky called Eddie a liar. EDDIE IS A LIAR. @Bravotv #BelowDeck @ed_lucas6. Captain Lee Recalls the Lowest Tip Crew Received on Below Deck as Eddie Lucas Talks Frustrating Season One. Captain Lee Rosbach and Eddie Lucas discuss high-maintenance, bad-tipping guests and reveal the worst tip they've ever received on the show. As Below Deck fans know well, the tip presentation and tip meeting is a big part of the show

Is Below Deck's Eddie Lucas Still with His Girlfriend

Rocky from Below Deck moved to Hawaii in 2016, which is the state where she was previously living and had gone to college in as well. Although Rocky's Instagram handle is currently private, the Distractify report stated that following her whirlwind romance with Eddie Lucas, Rocky found true love. Rocky from Below Deck is currently in a. Eddie Lucas returned to Below Deck season eight as bosun, looking for redemption after his season three cheating scandal. He talks about his return and how the COVID-19 pandemic. Here's what's going on with the season 4 cast of the Bravo series Below Deck since it wrapped back in 2016, including the whereabouts of Ben Robinson, Kelley Johnson, and Nico Scholly Having previously dated men throughout her time on Below Deck, Kate Chastain revealed that she had a girlfriend, Ro Hernandez, in January 2016.The chief stew told The Daily Dish, I think every. Eddie has been an original cast member of the show Below Deck for the first three seasons before he left to earn his 1600-ton license. Lucas has returned as a cast member after five seasons as a bosun and hopes to have a wonderful and memorable show. There is no social media account available on the name of the reality tv star at the moment. He.

Amy Johnson Lenthall (@amy

Chef Ben Robinson - Net Worth, Girlfriend (Kiara Cabral), Wiki, Below Deck. December 21, 2020 August 7, 2020 by Famous People Today's Staff. Chef Ben is famous for being the talented and entertaining culinary expert on the Bravo reality series Below Deck. Responsible for delivering delicious gourmet cuisine to guests at every meal of their yachting adventures, he also manages to hold his own. Chef Ben Robinson is accomplished on both land and sea. He is a master chef that has worked under Italian chefs in Florence and gained an apprenticeship at three-star Michelin Star restaurant The Fat Duck, based in the United Kingdom. Ben has been featured on several season's of Bravo's hit series, Below Deck 'Below Deck' Season 3 Flashback: What happened when Eddie Lucas secretly hooked up with Rocky Dakota? Initially, they denied having sex, but once the network aired the clip of them hooking up in the laundry, Eddie and Rocky came clean on their story By Prarthna Sarkar Published on : 21:13 PST, Jan 11, 2021. Copy to Clipboard. Eddie Lucas, Rocky Dakota (Bravo) James Hough and Elizabeth Frankini. Eddie Lucas admitted to not seeing all of the seasons of Below Deck, and he was not part of the Bravo show's crew for four seasons between Season 3 and the upcoming Season 8.His thoughts on toxic.

Eddie Lucas 'Below Deck' Girlfriend: Update on Returning

  1. Below Deck 's Rocky Dakota and Eddie Lucas served as the guideline for crew members of what not to do while yachting. Chief Stewardess Kate Chastain revealed on the Bravo's Daily Dish in.
  2. Eddie Lucas Returned to Below Deck for 'Redemption' and Left Into a Pandemic For lack of a better word, we were really ignorant to what was going on. By Justin Curto reunions Oct. 27, 202
  3. February 16, 2021 by tamaratattles 63 Comments. This probably will be a very short Below Deck recap. Elizabeth getting fired is well overdue. She is begging for her job. She really doesn't understand why she was fired. But really, this season is pretty much over due to Covid. Elizabeth has to pack her knives and go
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  5. Hough is a cast member of Bravo TV's reality series Below Deck. He joins other cast members as a deckhand in season 8 of the show. James believes he is a hard worker and loves the party life. He also loves to flirt with the ladies. Other cast members of the show include Eddie Lucas, Elizabeth Frankini, Francesca Rubi, and Shane Coopersmith

Viewers of the Bravo series 'Below Deck' have been introduced to some interesting characters since the show first aired in July 2013. The series is abou Eddie Lucas Girlfriend. It is not known whether Lucas is currently dating or not. He has kept his personal life away from the public. He however had a girlfriend before he joined the Below Deck reality series. During season 3 of the Below Deck reality season, he had a secret affair with stew Raquel Rocky Dakota in the laundry room Below Deck season 8 dream cast poll Credit: Bravo. Below Deck fans have had their say on their dream crew ahead of the upcoming series 8 - and some pretty surprising names made the list.. The. As far as his dream cast for a season, Ben says Sandy is the only Below Deck Med co-star he'd take; the rest of his lineup includes Kate Chastain as chief stew, Eddie Lucas (last seen on season.

Below Deck’s Eddie Lucas and Ashling Lorger address dating

I really like some of the people on the show and it is interesting to see how things work below deck in the yachting career. PROS: The yachties are less cruel about the guest - and refrain from making derogatory remarks about them. Captain Lee is wise and blunt - I like him. Love Amy, Ben and Connie too. CONS: Some 'pretty people' like Eddie is. 'Below Deck' Cast Through the Years: A Guide to Who's Dated Who Sky News Nigeri Коментарии Dark Secrets The Below Deck Cast Tried To Hide. Which Reality TV shows do you think are the fakest? Comment from : Nicki Swift: Hanna is trash..lazy Comment from : Marcus madden Dark secrets someone saying something behind your back on Twitter Comment from : TheAntManChannel: I just can't get over how the deck people don't know knots how to tie up to cleats bollards. Did the crew from Beneath Deck Period 3 have an inkling that bosun Eddie Lucas and 3rd stew Raquel Rocky Dakota were hooking up in the laundry home?. First of all, shock, Amy Johnson informed Showbiz Cheat Sheet. And nearly like, 'I really do not believe that you' [she said about Dakota's claims the two hooked up] News: 'Below Deck': Amy Johnson Admits the Crew Were. r/BravoRealHousewives: Discuss all the Real Housewives franchises by Bravo TV with us! You are in the right place for: Real Housewives of Atlanta |

Amy isn't the one Under Deck star to get engaged or married not too long ago. Amy and Connie Arias went on double dates once they have been on the town. Plus, all of us noticed Parker McCown's epic underwater proposal on Under Deck Crusing Yacht in addition to freshly engaged Joao Franco from Under Deck Med.Tiffany Copeland from Under Deck Med discovered a photograph of her engagement ring. Eddie started to warn Jason about the derangement of his girlfriend which led to Jason trying to free him. This provoked Amy to stake Eddie, rationalizing her actions by saying that he would have killed them. However, Jason had bonded with Eddie and was saddened by his death. This strained his and Amy's relationship. Jason decided that he and Amy should give up V. Amy agreed as long as that. In the unseen footage below, both Amy Johnson and Bosun Eddie Lucas try to reason with Stewardess Rocky Dakota. After Chef Leon Walker is fired, Rocky threatens to quit in solidarity and jumps ship (literally) to cool off. What we don't get to see on Below Deck are both Eddie and Amy pushed to the limit by Rocky's continued antics and drama. Rocky no longer respects Captain Lee because he.

The Below Deck cast: where are they now? Cosmopolitan

Fan-run subreddit for the Bravo shows Below Deck, Below Deck Mediterranean and Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Log In Sign Up. User account menu. 39. Eddie won me heart with his Twojudgeygirl Bravo Men March Madness submission photo. Below Deck. Close. 39. Posted by 1 day ago. Eddie won me heart with his Twojudgeygirl Bravo Men. Brianna Adekeye Wiki, Age, Bio, Married, Husband【 Below Deck 】. by Marathi.TV Editorial Team. Dec 13, 2020. Name Brianna Adekeye ( Also known as : Brianna Below Deck ) Birthday / Age / Date of Birth / How old / DOB April 24, 1991. As of 2021, she is around 30 years old Skip to main content. Home; Food & Dining; Movies; Things To Do, Places To Go; Sign up: FREE Food and Entertainment newslette

Below Deck bosses reveal secret crew fling changed filming

  1. Below Deck's odd toilet rule - and it doesn't go down well with the crew So looking at the average earnings according to Crewfinders, a chief steward would earn somewhere between $62,000 and.
  2. Eddie Lucas was a deckhand during Season 1 and a bosun in Seasons 2 and 3. Captain Rosbach said that Lucas is doing well, and he would definitely work with him again as long as we kept him out of the laundry room. Rosbach says that he recently got a Facebook message from Amy Johnson, who was the 3rd stew during Season 2 and the 2nd stew during Season 3. Chastain added that Johnson.
  3. der - along with the news - of what is happening to the world. I prefer to.
  4. Below Deck Sailing Yacht 's Dani Soares announced the sweet and special news that she welcomed her first child, a baby girl. Taking to Instagram on Saturday, May 29, the Bravo star captioned her.
  5. Eddie Lucas Girlfriend / Wife. Lucas is currently single. In Below Deck Season 3, Eddie Lucas' had an affair with Raquel Rocky Dakota who was one of the stewardesses. At that time, Lucas was in a relationship with his girlfriend back in his hometown. In honor of Below Deck's 100th episode, the cast reunited and a fan asked Eddie if he broke up with his girlfriend. No, actually.
  6. Rocky and Eddie's hookup during season 3 of Below Deck came with lots of drama. Rocky initially deny their fling, but later admitted that he did cheat on his girlfriend and slept with the third.
  7. Captain Lee Rosbach Below Deck. Lee is a captain in a yacht and appears on the show, Below Deck. He has spent more than two decades in the yachting industry. He obtained his captain's license when he was 35 years old. Since then. Lee has commanded more than a dozen superyachts
Did Eddie Break Up With His Girlfriend After 'Below Deck

Kate Chastain, star of Bravo reality show Below Deck, was arrested on Monday following a fight with her girlfriend in Melbourne Beach, Florida, according to the Brevard County Sheriff's Office. He appeared on six seasons of Below Deck and its spin off show Below Deck Mediterranean. And Ben Robinson was back on TV screens on Wednesday, reflecting on his years as a reality star in an.

Eddie Lucas Left Below Deck For His Girlfriend, Know Who

  1. Below Deck's Eddie Lucas Returns as Deck Team Gets New Chief Stewardess in Season 8 Trailer TV // September 21, 2020 Below Deck Med 's Malia White Alludes to Split from Tom Checketts in Cryptic Pos
  2. Bravo. By Caitlin Albers / April 11, 2021 9:52 pm EDT. Alongside Captain Lee Rosbach, Kate Chastain was the face of Bravo smash hit Below Deck, the show that followed the life of a crew working on.
  3. Since 2013, Below Deck has been captivating TV audiences across the globe by offering a highly sought-after peek into life on board multi-million dollar luxury charter yachts.Taking readers behind the scenes, YachtCharterFleet identifies the yachts featured on the show, as well as those which have appeared on the celebrated spin-off series Below Deck Mediterranean and Below Deck Sailing Vessel
  4. g season of Below Deck Series 3, set to hit U.S. television screens with a half-hour preview on Monday 10 August at 10pm ET/PT. In usual fashion to the previous two seasons of the hit show, the featured yacht has undergone a name change, usually known as charter yacht 'Mustang Sally.

The Below Deck crew is cleaning up their mess after a night out that ended in disaster, but is Ashton actually remorseful? After last week's Below Deck situation between Kate Chastain and Ashton Pienaar, Kate ended up leaving the boat. When the crew woke up the next morning, Ashton realized that he messed up Those who have never seen Below Deck, Below Deck Mediterranean or Below Deck Sailing Yacht, and who do not wish to spend the rest of their lives glued to Bravo's flotation. Below Deck had aired in the States at the time of his arrest and the news story was covered by outlets including TMZ - who featured his grinning mugshot on their website. The outlet also revealed.

Below Deck's Amy Plans to Confess Her Feelings to Eddie in

Kate Chastain (born 2 January 1983) is a famous Television Actress of a reality show Below Deck from Melbourne, Florida. She is a bio-sexual personality. She works as a Chief Stewardess in the show. In Oct 2019, there is news becomes popular that she wants to leave the Below Deck show and cannot be appeared in season 7 On Below Deck Mediterranean, deckhand Jack Stirrup is a former Merchant Navy engineer who has since pivoted to the wonderful world of yachting. The crew of the Sirocco comes from all over the.

'Top Chef,' 'American Ninja Warrior' and 'Below Deck' Set Spinoffs at Peacock. Streaming service also ordered Baking It from Making It produced Amy Poehler . Jennifer Maas Season 3's third stew Rocky Dakota joined her former Below Deck crew members on the show's 100th episode celebration, only to press Kate Chastain on a silly non-issue

Who Is Eddie Lucas' Girlfriend? The 'Below Deck' Bosun Has

In fact, Below Deck Sailing Yacht should fit right in with the Below Deck franchise: according to a press release from Bravo, the original series, now in its seventh season which airs Monday. Captain Lee is joined by returning bosun Eddie Lucas, who last appeared in season 3. For the first time since season 2, Below Deck has a new chief stewardess. Kate Chastain, who served through. Below Deck is an American reality series that chronicles the lives of the crew members, captained by Lee Rosbach, who work and reside aboard mega-yachts during charter season. 8.2 (63 votes) Track the release dates of your favorite TV shows all in one place. This website was created to bring you the most updated and timely information about your favorite TV shows - from the United States to.

Former Below Deck Med Chief Stew Hannah Ferrier has been dating her boyfriend — now fiance — Josh Roberts since Oct. 2018. The 34-year-old has always said that he's incredibly shy and wants. Eddie from Below Deck was a survivor of a serious mishap, and this ingrained an assurance in him to make every moment count. This has come as rock climbing, riding his bike, and scuba plunging. Eddie Lucas' Net Worth. Beneath Deck cast, Eddie Lucas was once in the past a Bosun locally available a yacht in the Caribbean. He was likewise essential for the unscripted TV drama Below Deck, which.

Is 'Below Deck' Eddie Lucas Dating One Of His Crew Members

This is what you need to know about, the Canadian native, Jenna MacGillivray who is cast as the Chief Stewardess in the 2020 reality television show, Below Deck Sailing Yacht. MacGillivray wasn't planning a career in yachting, but once she was bitten by the travel bug, she couldn't turn away from the lifestyle it provided Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 5 September 2020. The downtown abbey on a yacht series looking at life of those working below deck and those guests above deck is a smash hit and this season shows why. The fact that there are two reunion episodes says it all. No need to spoil the drama by explaining why but it is a must watch

Is Eddie Lucas Still With His Girlfriend Amy From BelowWho Is Eddie Lucas' Girlfriend? The 'Below Deck' Bosun Has'Below Deck' Season 2: Where Are They Now? | Below Deck Blog
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