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X900H has better contrast due to lack of xwide and no rainbow reflections introduced by the film. Better motion handling . HDMI 2.1 will absolutely make even casual gaming more enjoyable. VRR is one of the most desirable features you can have with gaming. 4K 120fps for less demanding games will be a treat as well. If you only consume movies, tv shows, etc. and you frequently watch at extreme. Sony X900H 75 or LG CX 65? I've been googling like crazy and read all the posts on the topic here on Reddit I think but I still can't decide. I sit about 2.5 meters/8 feet from the TV in a fairly bright room. No window pointing directly at the TV but big windows pointing in from the side. I would use it mainly for gaming and streaming. I am no videophile, I've mostly been satisfied with my. I got a new A8H replacing my Sony X900H after I started getting really annoyed by the blooming since I watch movies with subtitles all the time. I have to say I'm blown away by the picture quality, contrast and black levels. It's only missing the HDMI 2.1 which I never used on my X900H so it's not a problem and waiting for the A80J was pointless as where I live the 55 A80J will be released. If a person were looking at a Sony X900H or X950H, in 65 (possibly 75) for strictly Watching TV shows, streaming things from streaming services, and some movies, no gaming at all, in an almost completely dark room, what are the pros and cons to the X900H or the X950H? I am forced to purchase local, so I can get it the same day, and returns are easier and faster, and the X900 is $375. The Sony X900H is a great TV for mixed usage. Its picture quality is great thanks to its excellent contrast ratio, high peak brightness, and wide color gamut. HDR content also looks good, with rich colors and highlights that pop for the most part

Sony X900H 85" Class HDR 4K UHD Smart LED TV XBR85X900H

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  1. g. The Samsung also gets brighter in HDR content to make highlights pop and its reflection handling is significantly better
  2. g with HDR to enhance picture and color quality.Buy Sony X900H here:https://..
  3. Sony's new X900H TV comes in a few different sizes and offers features specifically designed to take advantage of the PS5. This is definitely one of the best TVs for the PS5 and the Xbox Series X..
  4. In this video I connected my PS4 with the Sony X900H 4K HDR TV and showcase some gameplay while playing at 1080p and HDR.Buy Sony X900H here:https://amzn.to/..
  5. The Sony Bravia X900H 4K 120Hz Mode Does Suffer From a 'Blur' Issue. Testing the Xbox Series X on the Sony Bravia X900H and its 4K 120Hz feature, it is clear that the TV suffers from a blurry image bug. www.glitched.online. Lowrys. Nov 6, 2020

Just ordered a Sony X900h to compliment my PS5! I cannot wait to finally have HDR and proper 2.1 capability. I'm upgrading from a 2015 Samsung 4K JU series, which had no HDR and with a really washed out looking game mode. I was going to get an OLED, but I'll wait a couple more years for one of those bad boys We choose the best TV for PS5 (Playstation 5) next-gen console gaming in 2020, by comparing the LG CX, the Samsung Q90T & Sony XH90 (also marketed as the BRA.. People on reddit are all saying x900h beats the 900f??? Click to expand... Probably because they all own the 900h . Reactions: Cam1977. Save Share. Reply. B. bigbuster · Registered. Joined Sep 7, 2019 · 18 Posts #5 · 9 mo ago. Not to jump on your question, with Labor Day sales going on, there are several interesting choices. I am in a similar quandry, the Sony 65 in 950g is $998, the Sony.

Sony XBR-X900H TV review: Excellent picture meets game-friendly connectivity. This midpriced TV outdoes the TCL and Vizio with superior connections for next-gen consoles and over-the-air TV We review the Sony XH95 (also marketed as the Bravia X950H in the USA) 4K LED LCD TV, which features full-array local dimming direct-lit LED backlighting, X1.. Sony has started rolling out the long-awaited HDMI 2.1 firmware update on the BRAVIA XH90 (also marketed as the X900H in the USA) and ZH8 (Z8H) Ready for Pl..

Jetzt berichtete allerdings ein User auf Reddit von solch einem Update seines Sony X900H-Modells: Link zum Reddit-Inhalt. VRR und ALLM fehlen noch: Der User schrieb zwar, dass sein Fernseher nun. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOCH5WuEjNnl9Gk8q2r_hVQ/joiJoin the family! Join the community! Facebook.com/QuantumTVBlogTwitter.com/QuantumTV_YT#Quan..

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Sony X900H vs LG CX : bravia - reddit. At the moment, the smart TV is running on Android 9 and the company is marketing it as being Ready for PlayStation 5, which by the way, is expected to go on sale in November.. Read on below for details on Sony's 2020 TVs, which are still on sale. This Pause. At $1,398 for a 65″ model, it's a good bit higher than I'd want to pay, but Sony. The Sony X900H is an excellent performer overall, with a pleasing, balanced image that still manages to deliver plenty of pop and contrast. Awarded to 75'' Vibrant picture performance, cracking upscaling and the promise of HDMI 2.1 makes the XH9005/X900H an all-rounder it's impossible to ignore.'' Top 4 features. Detailed pictures, full of deep contrast. Enjoy movies just as the. We go through our recommended best settings on the Sony XH90 (also marketed as the BRAVIA X900H in the USA) 4K LED LCD TV to obtain the highest picture quali..

Smooth gradation ist eine Funktion bei Sony Fernsehern die colour banding Artefakte in schlechtem content bekämpft. Diese Funktion hat der xh9005 leider nicht gehabt. Der Xh95 allerdings schon und der neue x90j hat die Funktion auch. Deswegeb wurde es mich brennend interessieren ob der xh9005 die Funktion jetzt auch hat. Hier mal ein Bild Sony X950H and X900H are both introduced by Sony as 4K LED TV model that comes with Full Array LED local dimming backlight. Sony X950H is the model that easily identified as the model that positioned higher than Sony X900H. There are 5 screen size options for Sony X950H : 49-Inch (XBR-49X950H), 55-Inch (XBR-55X950H), 65-Inch (XBR-65X950H), 75-Inch (XBR-75X950H) and 85-Inch (XBR-85X950H). While. Data Controller Change (April 2021) Sound or Picture Concerns for XBR-X900H and XBR-X90CH Televisions. Transfer your Google Play Music account to YouTube Music. End of support notification for products using the Windows 7 operating system

Just a quick video comparing my LG BX with my Sony X900H [removed] 2. Share the link. Similar Posts in r/Televisions. r/Televisions · 20h. What is the motivation behind it doesn't matter which 300-400 EUR TV you buy, they're all equally bad? 3 4. Share the link . r/Televisions · 5d. Looking for a 55 or 65 TV for around $550. 3 6. Share the link. r/Televisions · 13h. TV not showing 60fps. We'll have to wait for professional reviews and owner feedback before we can say for sure how the X950H and X900H perform, and how they compare to each other. But it's looking like the X900H should be a great gaming TV, and I think it'll sell very well. The perfect Sony TV to pair with your next-gen console, and affordable to a lot more people. Der Reddit-User u/svartchimpans zitiert für seinen Post einen Nutzer aus dem AVS-Forum: Der X950G, X950H, und X900H haben HDMI 2.1-Hauptplatinen in den Fernsehern. Sony hat all diese TVs auf dem Firmware-Level lahmgelegt. Die Menschen müssen sich dessen bewusst sein und Sony wegen ihrer Lügen anprangern. Ich habe seit 2014 die. Just ordered a Sony X900h to compliment my PS5! I cannot wait to finally have HDR and proper 2.1 capability. I'm upgrading from a 2015 Samsung 4K JU series, which had no HDR and with a really washed out looking game mode. I was going to get an OLED, but I'll wait a couple more years for one of those bad boys

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  1. Dec 01, 2020: Switched the If in 2018, Sony only launched the X900 series only and in 2019, Sony has launched the X950 series only, in 2020, they launched both X900 and X950 Series. Purchasing EU. Close. I wouldn't even bother with the Nanocell. Best 4K TV for the money. Sony for sure. sony 65 x900h vs lg nanocell nano 90 Se questa fosse la tua prima visita, leggi le FAQ cliccando su.
  2. That reddit thread reinforces the X900H status as likely to be the PS5 Partner display (4K/120 being an important factor) Sony TV's equipped with the MT5893 SoC all have a separate dedicated X1 series image co-processor to handle the upscaling, motion processing, de-interlacing and HDR processing - a benefit in that the primary SoC doesn't have to handle those additional image processing.
  3. Share on reddit. Share on google. Share on tumblr. Share on skype. Share on email. Share on linkedin. Share on pocket. By Marco Cocomello Feb 24, 2021 3:59 pm Back in October 2020 right before the Xbox Serie X and PS5 released I found myself in the market for a new TV. This TV would replace my Samsung QLED from 2017. Sony, at the time, believed that its X900H or X90H in certain parts of the.
  4. Share on reddit. Share on google. Share on tumblr. Share on skype. Share on email. Share on linkedin. Share on pocket. By Marco Cocomello Nov 18, 2020 12:50 pm We have been covering a lot of Sony Bravia content over the past few weeks including the 4K120Hz blur issue and how to manually update the TV to enable to mode. We received a lot of questions about the best Sony Bravia X900H TV settings.
  5. Hi User15983704833526424430,. Welcome to the Sony Community! Thank you for purchasing our Sony X900H. Sony engineering is aware of the issue and working on a solution. Regards

Sony X900H Reboot Problem FIXED 11/7/2020 youtu.be/W0cMJ6UpyIA Fix for Sony X900H randomly restarting.Let me know in the comments if you are still having issues At this point, I'm not even worried about the 4K120Hz issue because IF Sony can't fix it on the X900H, they're gonna be straight up sued and have to resolve it somehow to our benefit. Because that's literally 100% what I bought the TV for. Even if the PS5 can't do it now, I owned my last Bravia for 8 years and I expected to do the same for this

Share on reddit. Share on google. Share on tumblr. Share on skype. Share on email. Share on linkedin. Share on pocket. By Marco Cocomello Nov 27, 2020 2:37 pm Sony recently issued firmware update v6.0414 to its Bravia range including the X900H which has been suffering from HDMI 2.1 4K 120Hz blur issues. The problem was spotted last month around the launch of the Xbox Series X. I covered the. Choose the ones that make your life more fun and entertaining. For any tech support questions, please visit our sister sub r/XboxUnbroken. Discover 400,000+ movies and shows in one place. Sony 8 On Sony X900H: Settings >> Watching TV >> External inputs >> HDMI signal format. Check video output on PS5: Settings >> Screen and Video >> Video Output Information. When the TV is set to Enhanced format = 120Hz. When the TV is set to Enhanced format (Dolby Vision) = 60Hz max. submitted by /u/raqballl Netflix Calibrated Mode. Initially introduced with the 2018 Sony MASTER Series TVs, the Z9F and A9F, the X900H also features a Netflix Calibrated Mode. This Picture Mode is only available when the native Netflix app is open. Enabling it automatically changes many settings, from picture settings to motion

Question Sony X750H vs X800H (Dolby Vision & AirPlay) Thread starter cliffflip; Start date Sep 12, 2020; Tags airplay dolby vision sony vision cliffflip Member. Sony X900H vs X950H Review (XBR55X900 vs XBR55X950H, XBR65X900 vs XBR65X950H, XBR75X900 vs XBR75X950H, XBR85X900 vs XBR85X950H) by norrysty on . X950H vs X800H ? Remarkable realism of 4K HDR Processor X1™. Contact Us. Leave a Comment. Sony X900H/XH90 Firmware Update - Single Pixel Vertical Lines, Source: HDTVTest. Source: [HDTVTest] Sony X900H/ XH90 4K@120Hz Blur Sharpened by Firmware Update 6.0414 (94,790 views) by WhyCry. Facebook. Twitter. Reddit. Popular Stories (30 days) Razer now officially taking preorders for GeForce RTX 3080Ti and RTX 3070Ti prebuilt systems. NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080Ti to be available on June 3rd.

Recent threadmarks RTings' test results for v6.0414: Better but still not 100% fixed. Sony's support article updated to (falsely) claim that firmware 6.0414 solves the 4k120hz blur issue Vincent Teoh's latest video on the 6.0414 firmware Sony UK's support article on the 4k120hz Blur Speculation: Sony may be backpedaling on the TV's HDMI 2.1 Capabilities US Sony site updated again to state that. Sony didn't mess around with the number of inputs on the Sony X900H 85 Inch TV: Ultra HD Smart LED TV. There's 4 HDMI ports-though it's unclear how many of them are HDMI 2.1 since Sony has. Sony's support article updated to (falsely) claim that firmware 6.0414 solves the 4k120hz blur issue Vincent Teoh's latest video on the 6.0414 firmware Sony UK's support article on the 4k120hz Blur Speculation: Sony may be backpedaling on the TV's HDMI 2.1 Capabilities US Sony site updated again to state that VRR and ALLM are still coming This is Sony's top-tier TV for the PS5 with an 8K HDR panel along with the same Game Mode features that are found on the X900H. That means a 120 refresh rate, VRR, and more

Sony X900H vs. X950H AVS Foru

sony x900h 4k 120hz reddit. by February 26, 2021. by February 26, 2021 0 comment. Sony has released a new firmware update v6.0414 for supported Bravia TVs including the X900H. I can tell you it gets plenty bright. I can tell you it gets plenty bright. Getting the picture where I want but can't seem to dial in the optimum sound I'd like. Yeah this was very helpful. same here. Updated Aug 17, 2016 at 09:03 am. Home / Desk Tour 2020 / CHEAP APPLE PRODUCTS / Which Amazon. Sony and Samsung have both done a great job with their 2020 4k TVs, and these are two of the most popular models we carry at Abt. You can't go wrong with eit..

Sony X900H Review (XBR55X900H, XBR65X900H, XBR75X900H

  1. LIFE For the Widowed Program. LIFE For the Widowed and Their Futur
  2. g features and has a higher input lag. So a step down for Sony also. It's great except for the fact it has a dirty screen effect that is also very noticeable. Sony X900H is 4K LED TV model that positioned below the top Sony X950H and.
  3. The 8K LED Sony Z8H and the Sony XH90 (UK) / X900H (US) both now have updates rolling out to enable higher bandwidth and allow for 4K signals at 120 frames per second
  4. I've been looking for one to set up with my own 900h. Still learning how to improve pic. I mentioned some people got overly excited when they actually saw the TV and then got deflated when they saw numbers...which should have meant that maybe they should care less about the numbers and more about what they perceived, but things dont work that way on the internet. Xbox 4K UHD. What is your.

[UPDATE: Sony has now confirmed that its X90H/X900H TVs WILL still be updated for variable refresh rates and ALLM. Full details of that response can be found in this article.I leave the original. Take care. The current setup. Prior to posting any submission to this subreddit please ensure you've read the rules for submissions in the sidebar of the /r/bravia homepage. Please contact the moderators of this subreddit if you have any questions or concerns. lol I'm slowly catching up. You may also consider Samsungâ s Q80T and Q70T models. Press J to jump to the feed. You had any issues at. sony x900h calibration settings reddit. February 19, 2021 Leave a comment. sony x900h calibration settings reddit. February 19, 2021 Posted by: Category: Uncategorized; No Comments. Sony's PS5 ready x900h series of televisions currently produce a blurry image at 120hz that is not present. Apparently this is a design choice by sony as their response to inquire was when the picture is moving, the difference in clarity is less noticeable, so we tuned the signal processing and the picture quality so that the net results on the display would be no issue to enjoy 4k 120hz in an

Samsung Q80/Q80T QLED vs Sony X900H Side-by-Side TV

The Sony X900H Bravia is a great TV for almost every purpose. The VA Vertical Alignment, type of LCD Panel panel has deep and even blacks with a good contrast ratio of 4800:1. As a result, it shows an excellent picture quality in dark rooms, which the IPS In-Plane Switching, type of LCD Panel panel of the NANO90 cannot even come close to. On the other hand, the X900H has a very narrow viewing. Vizio. 60 Posts . Help me choose. 4) THE LONG GAME: 5 Sony introduced Sony X900H and X800H as 4K LED TV model from their 2020 TV lineup. Sony X900H is the model that positioned higher than Sony X800H. Sony X900H comes with 4 screen size options : 85-Inch (XBR-85X900H), 75-Inch (XBR-75X900H), 65-Inch (XBR-65X900H) and 55-Inch (XBR-55X900H) while There are 6 screen size options available for Sony X800H : 85-Inch (XBR-85X800H), 75-Inch (XBR-75X800H.

February 19, 2021 February 19, 2021 /. sony x900h settings reddit. Uncategorize Select Page. sony x900h settings reddit. by | Feb 19, 2021 | Uncategorized | 0 comments | Feb 19, 2021 | Uncategorized | 0 comment As for audio, I am going to be purchasing a Sonos ARC with Subwoofer. I will also be using the new Apple 4K TV and Nvidia Shield to play media (Netflix, Plex, Disney+, etc.). These are the prices that I can get the TVs for: Sony 75 inch X900H - $2,995. Samsung 75 inch Q70A - $2,500

Sony X900h Vs Q70t | Smart TV Reviews

Sony, Onkyo and Pioneer were all planning to use those chips for their upcoming receivers too. I only specifically pointed out Yamaha because that was a promised firmware update which you could have bought based on that promise only to find out that the firmware update will have issues at the moment. I have to think a recall has to happen cuz that's pretty messed up to sell based off a broken. Sony X900H and Sony X90CH are the same thing? Thread starter Desmond Jones; Start date Jul 26, 2020; Tags sony television D. Desmond Jones Novice Member. Jul 26, 2020 #1 I've heard these two TVs are the same models but some people seem to think the X90CH has some features taken out or they use second hand parts. Is there any truth to that? I would really much rather order from Costco (X90CH.

Sony X900H Vivid HDR Gaming settings - YouTub

But the Sony X900H offers Dolby Vision compatibility, which could be a deal breaker for some. There are a few more subtle differences that can't be objectively measured, and will depend on your personal preferences. For a deeper look at the Sony X900H and Samsung Q80T compared, check out our head-to-head video. YouTube Recent threadmarks Digital Trends video/Sony statement that a firmware fix coming by December 31 2020 RTings' test results for v6.0414: Better but still not 100% fixed. Sony's support article updated to (falsely) claim that firmware 6.0414 solves the 4k120hz blur issue Vincent Teoh's latest video on the 6.0414 firmware Sony UK's support article on the 4k120hz Blur Speculation: Sony may be. My first question is whether the Sony x900h is worth the extra $600 (TCL) or $300 (Vizio P)? I've read the reviews on Rtings and Digital Trends and they both really seem to favor it, while they have been a little less enthusiastic about the TCL and Vizio (especially Rtings with the TCL). I always have appreciated the advice of this forum as it led me to my speakers and I have been incredibly.

Top 10 Best TVs For The Xbox Series X & PS5 - Updated June

The Sony X900H is significantly better than the Sony X800H. The X900H has a much higher contrast ratio due to its VA panel, it has local dimming, and it gets brighter overall. Response time is faster on the X900H; however, the X800H has lower input lag and its IPS panel has wider viewing angles The X900H has exceptional contrast range thanks in part to its full-array LED backlighting with local dimming and Sony's X-tended Dynamic Range technology, which allowed the X900H to deliver outstanding black levels which were readily apparent in content with dark and significantly black images. In addition, shadow detail was also very good when viewing physical objects in scenes with low. XBR X900H Series. 7/9/20 Its excellent motion handling makes fast-action sports look smooth and clear. XBR X900H Series . 7/9/20 Vibrant colors and highlights that pop. Truly immerse yourself with the Sony X1 Processor. Unlike any TV viewing experience before, Sony TVs deliver premium picture quality for the ultimate viewing experience. Picture processing has always been at the core of. The Sony Bravia X900H 4K 120Hz blur issue has been worked on in the latest firmware update v6.0414 and the result shows a promising improvement in image quality. www.glitched.online Click to expand... Click to shrink... that's quite a big improvement, not perfect but actually useable now for 120hz games. I'll be surprised if they update it from here as well. Wordstar. Member. Oct 27, 2017 242.

The Sony Bravia X900H Blur Issue is Not Fixed But Looks

Sony XH90: Key specifications: Screen sizes available: 55in KD-55XH9005, 55in KD-55XH9296, 65in KD-65XH9005, 65in KD-65XH9296, 75in KD-75XH9005 (reviewed) Many of you will be extremely frustrated that Sony just can't get their shit together. First, they release the X900H, supposedly the flagship panel for their new PS5 and it shipped without 120Hz or HDMI 2.1. Still to this day, the manual makes no mention of HDMI 2.1 or it's supported formats. If you, like me, fired up your X900H and PS5 and wondered why the colours looked shit and decided. Share on reddit. Share on google. Share on tumblr. Share on skype. Share on email. Share on linkedin. Share on pocket. By Marco Cocomello Nov 14, 2020 7:58 am Sony has officially acknowledged one of the many issues Bravia X900H owners have faced since the latest v6.0384 update went live last month. The company claims they are aware of the bugs which cause the TV to restart, lose sound and. Sony has acknowledged a Blur issue when running content/games at 4K 120FPS, and they're working on a firmware update for that. I'll report back once my panel is updated. Update 3: Applied update v6.0414 to the Sony x900h, and there have been a few updates to the PS5. The update did fix some of the blur issues on 4K 120 gaming, however. The Sony X900H has one of the best picture quality to price ratios you'll find this year. Its screen is a little reflective, and off-angle viewing on this type of LED/LCD TV is never great, but.

Sony X900H 1080p Upscaling with PS4 Slim and Settings

Sony says the software update(s) that enables VRR and ALLM on the X900H is coming at a later date. Vizio M-Series is only 60Hz but still has VRR. TCL 6-Series can only accept 4K at 60Hz, but can. The Sony XH90/X900H trails the LG in terms of image processing, relying as it does on the somewhat dated X1 processor, so there are no AI picture smarts here. That said, the TV does boast Sony 4K. The Sony X900H hits 4K resolution at 120Hz, once again pushing the best in resolution and refresh rate from Xbox Series X. It achieves this with the aid of HDMI 2.1 compliance, a core pillar of. Samsung Q60T umtauschen für Samsung Q80T/Sony X900H ? Ersteller des Themas Nico2504; Erstellungsdatum 15. April 2021; N. Nico2504 Lt. Junior Grade . Dabei seit Juli 2011 Beiträge 262. 15. April. Sony's first two quote-unquote PS5-ready TVs are the X900H and the Z8H, both of which are LED TVs that can display 4K120 content (or will be able to eventually, anyway). The X900H is a 4K TV.

PSA: Potential Issues with the Sony X900H/X9000H/XH90

sony x900h 4k 120hz reddit February 26, 2021 / / Uncategorized / / Uncategorize Sony - 65 Class X900H Series LED 4K UHD Smart Android TV. Model: XBR65X900H. SKU: 6401205. User rating, 4.6 out of 5 stars with 1951 reviews. (1,951) Price Match Guarantee. $1,399.99 Your price for this item is $1,399.99. Add to Cart. Open-Box: from $839.99. carousel. Previous. Next. Main Results Continued. See More Options. Sony - 85 ClassX900H Series LED 4K UHD Smart Android TV. Model.

Just ordered a Sony X900h to compliment my PS5

My Sony X900H TV received the new Android TV interface sometime recently, though Sony never sent me an email about the update. I rarely use the built-in Android TV interface on my TV outside of. Sony X800H, X900H and X950H 4K HDR LED TVs Released (2020 models) 2020 Sony 4K LED TVs are designed for cost-conscious shoppers who want the best value for maximum screen size up to 85-inches. By. Brian Mitchell. Published . April 26, 2020. Flipboard. Reddit. Pinterest. Whatsapp. Email. Sony XBR-85X950H 85-inch 4K LED HDR TV (2020 model) Sony's Best Priced 4K TVs. Sony just started shipping.

Best TV for PS5 Gaming 2020: LG CX vs Samsung Q90T vs Sony

Sony X900H 65 TV Deal. Sony. X900H 65-inch 4K UHD HDR TV (2020 Model - XBR65X900H) Click the coupon on the page to save over $400 on this exceptional TV and be ready for whichever next-gen. The Sony Bravia X900H is a 4K Android TV that starts at $999 for the 55-inch model, but is also available in 65-, 75- and 85-inch sizes, ranging in price up to $2,799 for the largest model Sony has removed references to VRR and ALLM from its support pages, over half a year since the X900H and XH90 launches. The Sony X900H (and the X90H in Europe) have emerged staple TVs in the 2020. Sony X80J / X81J LED-LCD TV (available in 43, 50, 55, 65, 75-inch): If you want an even cheaper option, the Sony X80J is a step-down model with a 60Hz panel, meaning you won't get the benefits of. For the first time, the Apple TV app is making its way to Android TV. Sony has announced that the app will begin rolling out in the US to the company's new X900H series of 4K HDR TVs via a.

Holiday Gift Guide 2020: Android, Roku, Tizen & More SmartSony X900H 55 Inch TV: 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV with HDR
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